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What language is spoken there?

Spanish. You will find some people that speak some English but many people only speak Spanish.

What kind of money is used?

The local currency is the colone (pronounced “cologne-eh”) The rate changes daily and can be viewed here (See Current Exchange Rate). Credit cards are not as widely used as in the United States, and it is therefore recommended that you carry colones when shopping, booking reservations, or eating at restaurants. You can exchange money at resorts and banks easily.

Is it really hot and rainy all of the time?

The temperature ranges from 65 degrees in the mornings and evenings to 85 degrees in the heat of the day on average year-round.

What about the amount of daylight since it so close to the Equator?

Costa Rica has 13 hours of daylight year-round. The sunrise is about 5:00-5:30am and the sunset is about 6:00-6:15pm every day of the year.

What Time Zone is Costa Rica in?

The country is in the Central Time Zone, like Texas (CST), in the winter months. Costa Rica does NOT have Daylight Savings Time so the Time Zone in the summer is similar to the Mountain Time Zone, like Colorado (MDT).

Are there a lot of bugs?

You will notice very few flying insects in this region of Costa Rica, most restaurants do not have screens, however there are fire ants that are very small and often in the grass, that are very aggressive and do bite. It is recommended that you bring a Deet-based repellent or bug spray and also an "After Bite" product for greatest comfort.

What about taking jewelry and other valuables to Costa Rica ?

Although Costa Rica is a very safe and friendly country, we strongly recommend leaving your fine jewelry and good watches, and most valuables, at home while you visit this third world country. The added attention while traveling could be dangerous. It is recommended that you NEVER leave valuables in your car while traveling.

Is it easy to purchase items needed while in the country?

We recommend bringing everything you think you will need, including personal hygiene items, toiletries, extra batteries, or film, because many items are difficult to find. The town of La Fortuna has the largest selection of groceries and other items because it is a tourist town and it may have higher prices than the towns closer to the Villa.

What kind of souveniers are available?

The towns of La Fortuna and Sarchi have many shops that have local wood items, pottery and paintings. Coffee is always a great item to bring home from this vacation. Locally grown coffees are readily available at the grocery stores.


What kind of clothing should we pack?

Casual attire, the temperature is about 85 degrees year round. Click on PACKING LIST for further suggestions.

About The Resort

Is the electricity the same as the US ?

Yes, 110 volt appliances work throughout the country. The plug configurations are the same as in the US.

Is there internet accessibility?

Yes, there is free high-speed WiFi internet available at the resort, which is just another reason to choose Water Ski Costa Rica.